Ships with Wings

Ships with Wings

Sergei Nolbandov (1942)

A Certificate


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An hour could easily be cut from this endless flag-waver designed to glorify the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the men of the Fleet Air Arm. No one doubts their bravery, but did they really deserve this awful mess of soap opera and derring-do? John Clements is the hero who almost turns himself into a kamikaze pilot, his suicidal tactics reportedly worrying Churchill who wanted the film shelved - it's a pity he didn't have his way. With a fine cast at the mercy of wonky model shots, a dreadful script and Sergei Nolbandov's static direction, one wonders why the usually discerning Ealing producer Michael Balcon sanctioned it.


A pilot is dismissed from duty for his involvement in a tragic accident that cost the life of one of his fellow airmen. He is reassigned to serve as part of the crew of an aircraft carrier, and gets the chance to redeem himself when the vessel is sent into action in the Mediterranean. Second World War drama, starring John Clements and Leslie Banks.

Cast & Crew

Lt Dick Stacey John Clements
Admiral Wetherby Leslie Banks
Celia Wetherby Jane Baxter
Kay Gordon Ann Todd
Captain Fairfax Basil Sydney
Papadopulous Edward Chapman
Lt Grant Michael Wilding
Director Sergei Nolbandov
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: United Artists Corp. Ltd