Emergency Call

Emergency Call

Lewis Gilbert (1952)

U Certificate


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Doesn't this sound awful? A small child with a rare blood type needs a transfusion to pull through a critical operation, and the only donors available are a boxer (played by real-life world champion pugilist Freddie Mills) at a career crossroads, a black sailor with attitude and a killer on the run. It says much for director Lewis Gilbert that he was able to take this cliché-ridden mishmash and mould it into a mildly diverting and well-edited drama. Holding it all together are Anthony Steel as the chief surgeon and Jack Warner on Dock Green-form as the copper in pursuit of the potential life-savers.


A five-year-old girl is diagnosed with leukaemia, and will die unless she receives a transfusion of three pints of blood. A police inspector is recruited to track down the only three men on record who share her extremely rare blood type and persuade them each to help save her life. Thriller, with Jack Warner and Anthony Steel.

Cast & Crew

Inspector Lane Jack Warner
Dr Carter Anthony Steel
Laura Bishop Joy Shelton
Danny Marks Sidney James
Tim Mahoney Freddie Mills
George Robinson Earl Cameron
Dr Braithwaite John Robinson (1)
Mrs Cornelius Thora Hird
Flash Harry Eric Pohlmann
Brett Sydney Tafler
Director Lewis Gilbert
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Nettlefold Films LtdAvailable on: DVD