The Black Abbot

The Black Abbot

George A Cooper (1) (1934)

A Certificate


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Producer Julius Hagen acquired Twickenham Studios in 1928 with the express purpose of turning out low-budget quota quickies. This adaptation of Philip Godfrey's Gothic novel, The Grange Mystery, is a typical example of these programme fillers as it hurtles through a pot-holed plot with little regard for character development or cinematic invention. John Stuart and Edgar Norfolk are the rival suitors for the hand of wealthy heiress Judy Kelly, whose father disappears at their rambling mansion that has a ghostly reputation. Director George A Cooper does little more than point the camera at the action, which is staged on as few sets as possible to keep the costs down.

Cast & Crew

Frank Brooks John Stuart
Sylvia Hillcrist Judy Kelly
Lord Jerry Pilkdown Richard Cooper
Charlie Marsh Ben Welden
Mary Hillcrist Drusilla Wills
Brian Heslewood Edgar Norfolk
John Hillcrist Farren Soutar
Alf Higgins Cyril Smith
Inspector Lockwood John Turnbull
Director George A Cooper (1)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Radio Pictures Ltd