Danger Lights

Danger Lights

George B Seitz (1930)



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Big, beefy Louis Wolheim and dapper Robert Armstrong lock in conflict over Jean Arthur, against a background of problems in running a railway. A melange of romance, overheated melodrama and macho tension, directed by George B Seitz, this otherwise mediocre movie is of interest in that it saw the short-lived launch (by RKO) of a new "wide stereoscopic" process, invented by George Spoor and PJ Berggren. The technique, and Karl Struss's cinematography, does add a dimension of depth to the proceedings, but the huge costs involved, including special projection equipment, made this the first and last time the experiment was attempted.

Cast & Crew

Dan Thorn Louis Wolheim
Larry Doyle Robert Armstrong
Mary Ryan Jean Arthur
Professor Hugh Herbert
Ed Ryan Frank Sheridan
Engineer Robert Edeson
General manager Alan Roscoe
Chief dispatcher William P Burt
Joe Geraghty James Farley
Director George B Seitz
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and white