Lukas Moodysson (2000)

15 Certificate


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Life on a commune in the mid-1970s may seem like a soft target but, as he demonstrated with Show Me Love, Swedish director Lukas Moodysson isn't interested in the obvious. There's plenty of laissez-faire liberalism in the attitudes of the chunky sweatered leader and his kaftan-wearing acolytes. Yet, amid all the dope-smoking and free-loving permissiveness, there's a real sense of sociopolitical conflict as human nature intrudes upon the idyll. Exploring the group's self-satisfied moral rectitude and their blithe disregard for how this alternative lifestyle will impact on their children, Moodysson provides a shrewd and sympathetic insight into an era when apathy wasn't an option.


A single mother and her children find themselves with nowhere to live and are forced to join a commune, leading to a series of ideological clashes as they struggle to integrate into the close-knit community. Comedy drama, starring Lisa Lindgren, Michael Nyqvist, Emma Samuelsson and Sam Kessel. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Lisa Lindgren
Rolf Michael Nyqvist
Göran Gustav Hammarsten
Lena Anja Lundqvist
Anna Jessica Liedberg
Lasse Ola Norell
Klas Shanti Roney
Stefan Sam Kessel
Eva Emma Samuelsson
Sigvard Lars Frode
Signe Cecilia Frode
Director Lukas Moodysson
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Other Information

Language: Swedish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: MetrodomeGuidance: Contains swearing and sex scenes.Available on: video and DVDReleased on: 13 Jul 2001
Drama Comedy