Father Hood

Father Hood

Darrell James Roodt (1993)

PG Certificate


Our Score
An early low point in Patrick Swayze's career, this dislikeable family comedy is really only for diehard Dirty Dancing fans. Swayze is the supposedly lovable rogue who sets off on the adventure of a lifetime with his two young kids who have been languishing in horrid foster care. The tone veers unevenly between naturalistic drama and simple-minded slapstick, and not even a talented supporting cast (Halle Berry, Diane Ladd, Michael Ironside) can rescue this sinking ship.


A girl escapes from juvenile detention to track down her deadbeat father, a small-time crook, and persuade him to free her brother from an abusive orphanage. Appalled by the youngsters' mistreatment, he snatches his kids and takes them on a breakneck cross-country journey, with the police and an inquisitive reporter in tow. Action comedy, with Patrick Swayze, Halle Berry, Sabrina Lloyd and Brian Bonsall.

Cast & Crew

Jack Charles Patrick Swayze
Kathleen Mercer Halle Berry
Kelly Charles Sabrina Lloyd
Eddie Charles Brian Bonsall
Jerry Michael Ironside
Rita Diane Ladd
Lazzaro Bob Gunton
Celeste Adrienne Barbeau
Judge Georgann Johnson
Skinny guy Marvin J McIntyre
Director Darrell James Roodt
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for language. Available on: video