Jane Doe: The Harder they Fall

  • Lea Thompson
Jane Doe: The Harder they Fall

Plot Summary

A suburban housewife leading a double life as a government agent investigates the case of a retired operative who drowns in a suspicious accident. The tragedy occurred just after he was fired from the staff of a corporate billionaire, leaving his former bosses convinced he was murdered as part of a cover-up. Murder mystery, directed by and starring Lea Thompson, with Joe Penny and Helen Slater.

Cast and crew


Cathy Davis/Jane Doe
Lea Thompson
Stella Andre
Helen Slater
Frank Darnell
Joe Penny
Jack Davis
William R Moses
Susan Davis
Jessy Schram
Jim Monroe
Dorian Harewood
Daniel Vasquez
Randy Vasquez
Doug Maynard
Christopher Gartin


Lea Thompson