Secret Agent

Secret Agent

Alfred Hitchcock (1936)

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John Gielgud might not be everyone's ideal Hitchcock hero, and contemporary critics were quick to point out his lack of derring-do, but, in fact, he acquits himself admirably in this engaging thriller. A script based on a play that was itself adapted from a clutch of Somerset Maugham's Ashenden stories was bound to have more than its fair share of loose ends, but such is the committed playing, particularly by Robert Young and the amazing Peter Lorre, and the director's genius for generating suspense out of ordinary situations and locations, that they scarcely seem to matter.


A novelist discovers British intelligence has faked his death so he can carry out a mission on their behalf. Assisted by a female agent and a professional assassin, he is sent to Switzerland to identify and eliminate a German spy. Alfred Hitchcock's First World War espionage thriller, starring John Gielgud, Peter Lorre and Madeleine Carroll.

Cast & Crew

Edgar Brodie / Richard Ashenden John Gielgud
Elsa Carrington Madeleine Carroll
The General Peter Lorre
Robert Marvin Robert Young (1)
Caypor Percy Marmont
Mrs Caypor Florence Kahn
Lilli Lilli Palmer
"R" Charles Carson
Coachman Michel Saint-Denis
Manager Andrea Malandrinos
Captain Anderson Tom Helmore
Director Alfred Hitchcock
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Gaumont British DistAvailable on: video and DVD