No Trace

No Trace

John Gilling (1950)

A Certificate


Our Score
A better-than-average "quota quickie" from writer/director John Gilling, in which crime writer Hugh Sinclair tries to cover his tracks (and delude snooping cop John Laurie) after he kills a blackmailer from his gangland past. As we know from the outset that he won't get away with it, the fun lies in watching him make the slips that give him away to secretary Dinah Sheridan and her flatfoot admirer, Barry Morse. In spite of the plot transparencies and a smug leading performance, this holds the attention more effectively than many of its ilk.

Cast & Crew

Robert Southley Hugh Sinclair
Linda Dinah Sheridan
Inspector MacDougall John Laurie
Harrison Barry Morse
Fenton Michael Brennan
Maisie Dora Bryan
Director John Gilling
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Tempean Films Ltd