The War Lover

  • PG
  • Philip Leacock (1962)
  • US / UK
  • 101 min
The War Lover
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3 out of 5

In this war drama, Steve McQueen stars as a US bomber pilot based in East Anglia whose recklessness in the air over Germany is mirrored by his disregard for the feelings of the women who share his bed. But it's McQueen's sensitive friend, Robert Wagner, who wins Shirley Ann Field's heart and their love affair is set beside McQueen's love for war and his big, powerful and seemingly invincible Flying Fortress. This is a far more conventional film than director Philip Leacock's Reach for Glory, a weird drama about evacuee children who regress into savagery, even though McQueen's charismatic psychopath wouldn't look out of place in both.

Plot Summary

War drama starring Steve McQueen and Robert Wagner. Bomber pilot Buzz Rickson has a daredevil ability under fire that is appreciated by the rest of his American crew. But back on the ground, Buzz's recklessness causes trouble, and things come to a head when he makes a move on the woman that his co-pilot, Ed Bolland, has started dating.

Cast and crew


Buzz Rickson
Steve McQueen (1)
Ed Bolland
Robert Wagner
Daphne Caldwell
Shirley Anne Field
Gary Cockrell
Junior Sailen
Michael Crawford
Bill Edwards
Chuck Julian
Robert Easton
Richard Leech
Bernard Braden


Philip Leacock

Other Information

Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG

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