Robbery under Arms

Robbery under Arms

Jack Lee (2) (1957)

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The fourth screen-telling of Rolf Boldrewood's popular tale about bushranger Captain Starlight is saved only by Peter Finch in the lead and the panoramic photography of Harry Waxman. Away from the savage beauty of the Australian wilderness, former documentary film-maker Jack Lee drains all the drama from the round of robberies, escapes and betrayals that engulf brothers David McCallum and Ronald Lewis when they join the bandits. Finch is not seen enough, leaving us stuck with the tensions within the gang and the stormy relationship between Lewis and the duplicitous Maureen Swanson. The 1985 version (starring Sam Neill) was scarcely better.


Two brothers tire of family life in 19th-century Australia and join the criminal gang of a notorious outlaw. Their new life of cattle-rusting and bank-robbing lives up to their wildest dreams at first, but they but soon have cause to regret their actions. Action adventure, starring Peter Finch, Ronald Lewis and David McCallum.

Cast & Crew

Captain Starlight Peter Finch
Dick Marston Ronald Lewis
Jim Marston David McCallum (1)
Kate Morrison Maureen Swanson
Ben Marston Laurence Naismith
Jean Jill Ireland
Ma Jean Anderson
Director Jack Lee (2)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Rank Film Dists LtdAvailable on: DVD