Badman's Territory

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  • Tim Whelan (1946)
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  • 97 min
Badman's Territory
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3 out of 5

This excellent Randolph Scott western features such tried-and-tested supporting players as grizzled George "Gabby" Hayes and the great Chief Thundercloud. Rather like those Universal horror movies that gathered together Dracula, Frankenstein's monster and the Wolf Man, this story has Jesse and Frank James, Sam Bass, Belle Starr and the Dalton gang as opponents to Scott as he attempts to turn the Oklahoma territory into a full-grown state. Cleverly directed by veteran Tim Whelan, who doesn't let the clutter of characters spoil the flow, this is an above-average and very entertaining western.

Plot Summary

Western starring Randolph Scott. Quinto is a tough, lawless place, the refuge of notorious outlaws such as Frank and Jesse James, the Dalton brothers, Belle Starr and Sam Bass. Into this criminal stronghold rides Texan sheriff Mark Rowley and Henryette Alcott, a crusading newspaper editor determined to make Quinto part of Oklahoma.

Cast and crew


Mark Rowley
Randolph Scott
Henryette Alcott
Ann Richards
George "Gabby" Hayes
Bob Dalton
Steve Brodie
Colonel Farewell
Ray Collins
John Rowley
James Warren
Bill Hampton
Morgan Conway
Jesse James
Lawrence Tierney
Frank James
Tom Tyler
Sam Bass
Nestor Paiva
Belle Starr
Isabel Jewell
Bill Dalton
William Moss
Virginia Sale
Hank McGee
John Halloran
Doc Grant
Andrew Tombes
Ben Wade
Richard Hale
Harry Holman


Tim Whelan

Other Information

Black and White
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R.K.O. Radio Pictures Ltd