The Devil's Brigade

The Devil's Brigade

Andrew V McLaglen (1968)

A Certificate


Our Score
This may be a blatant rip-off of Robert Aldrich's The Dirty Dozen, but at least it's based on truth. Sadly, that's the best that can be said of this below-par wartime adventure from director Andrew V MacLaglen that contains by-the-numbers action scenes and situations that are entirely predictable. The normally exuberant William Holden seems becalmed by the surrounding cheerlessness, playing the officer who's ordered to train a bunch of thugs to fight the Nazis in the Norwegian mountains, though the picture did reunite him with his real-life friend Cliff Robertson who had his first decent role opposite Holden in Picnic in 1955. Dana Andrews and Vince Edwards are the main supporting actors while Patric Knowles makes a brief appearance as Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten.


An elite Canadian commando unit is forced to work with an American squad made up of convicts from military prisons during the Second World War. Resentment inevitably erupts between the two groups, but they are soon fighting side by side on a mission in the Norwegian mountains. Action adventure, starring William Holden and Cliff Robertson.

Cast & Crew

Lt Col Robert T Frederick William Holden (2)
Major Alan Crown Cliff Robertson
Major Cliff Bricker Vince Edwards
Lt Gen Mark Clark Michael Rennie
Brig Gen Walter Naylor Dana Andrews
Theodore Ransom Andrew Prine
Rocky Rockman Claude Akins
Greco Richard Jaeckel
Peacock Jack Watson
Maj Gen Maxwell Hunter Carroll O'Connor
Hugh MacDonald Richard Dawson
Director Andrew V McLaglen
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence and languageAvailable on: DVD and Blu-ray