Rush Hour 3

  • 12
  • Brett Ratner (2007)
  • US (SUB)
  • 87 min
Rush Hour 3
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2 out of 5

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker reprise their comic martial arts partnership in this under-par second sequel. Dispatched to Paris in search of Triad gangs, the mismatched cops find themselves surrounded by crass French stereotypes and unlikely supporting turns from Max von Sydow and Roman Polanski. Lumbered with a script that's not half as witty as its predecessors, director Brett Ratner unsuccessfully tries to distract us from the lulls with a Parisian car chase, scantily clad showgirls and the world's tallest martial artist. As ever, Tucker's rat-a-tat-tat quips are great fun but it's hard to shake the sense that this series had lost the pacey "rush" it once boasted. Chan's definitely getting too old for this: his trademark death-defying stunts reduced to a ropey finale halfway up the Eiffel Tower that keeps him out of harm's way using back projection and a dash of CGI. The end-credit out-takes prove what many will have already suspected - this was more amusing to make than it is to watch.

Plot Summary

Action comedy sequel starring Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan as a pair of mismatched cops. After an assassin takes aim at the Chinese ambassador in Los Angeles, Chief Inspector Lee and Detective Carter's investigation leads them all the way to Paris.

Cast and crew


Chief Inspector Lee
Jackie Chan
Detective James Carter
Chris Tucker
Varden Reynard
Max von Sydow
Yvan Attal
NoƩmie Lenoir
Detective Jacques Revi
Roman Polanski
Hiroyuki Sanada
Consul Han
Ma Tzi
Soo Yung
Zhang Jingchu
Youki Kudoh


Brett Ratner

Other Information

English, Cantonese +subtitles
Theatrical distributor: 
Violence., swearing, nudity
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 10 Aug 2007
Certificate 12