Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers

Steve Miner (2001)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Having spent some time on the shelf, this crass postmodern western about the famous border force was finally released to a universal chorus of disapproval. It pitches itself as a Young Guns-style adventure for a new generation of teen pin-ups, as dying sheriff Dylan McDermott turns James Van Der Beek, Ashton Kutcher and Usher Raymond into a fighting force capable of taming Alfred Molina's bandits. It's a lamentable tale, and Steve Miner's direction is consistently uninspired, but even that pales beside the mess that he makes of the Wild Bunch shoot-out pastiche.


A posse of courageous gunslingers and hotheads is hired by the state governor to prevent Texas from falling into lawless ruin in the aftermath of the American Civil War. However, its unity is threatened when two of the men fall in love with the same woman. Western, starring James Van Der Beek, Dylan McDermott, Usher Raymond, Ashton Kutcher and Rachel Leigh Cook.

Cast & Crew

Lincoln Rogers Dunnison James Van Der Beek
Leander McNelly Dylan McDermott
Randolph Douglas Scipio Usher Raymond
George Durham Ashton Kutcher
Caroline Dukes Rachael Leigh Cook
John B Armstrong Robert Patrick
Frank Bones Randy Travis
John King Fisher Alfred Molina
Perdita Leonor Varela
Berry Smith Jon Abrahams
Suh Suh Sam Matt Keeslar
Ed Simms Vincent Spano
Director Steve Miner
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence. Available on: DVD