Spy in Your Eye

Spy in Your Eye

Vittorio Sala (1965)

U Certificate


Our Score
While hardly in the James Bond league, director Vittorio Sala's espionage adventure is one of the better Italian attempts to re-create the 007 ambience. Partially blinded American agent Brett Halsey has a miniature camera secretly implanted in his false eye when Russians operate on him to supposedly cure him of sight problems. What they really want is for him to find a death ray formula developed by a scientist who, before dying, had it tattooed it on his daughter Pier Angeli's scalp. Sala gets some clever mileage out of the voyeuristic concept and the usual glamorous foreign locations (eg Beirut) provide some visual interest , but routine direction and minimal action ultimately get the upper hand.


Russian spies plot to uncover the truth about a new American weapon by implanting a camera in a US secret agent's eye. Thriller, starring Brett Halsey and Pier Angeli.

Cast & Crew

Bert Morris Brett Halsey
Paula Krauss Pier Angeli
Col Lancaster Dana Andrews
Boris Gastone Moschin
Director Vittorio Sala

Other Information

Language: Italian dubbedColour