The Eclipse

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The Eclipse

David Slade (2009)

12A Certificate


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There's more teen angst with a twist in this lively third instalment of the hit Twilight series, and the pressure is mounting on moody Bella (Kristen Stewart) to make a fangs-or-fur choice between vampire boyfriend Edward (Robert Pattinson) and werewolf friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner). But as pallid Edward and six-packed Jacob come close to blows, their respective clans find themselves forced to forge a truce to fight a common foe - an army of vicious vampire "newborns" led by an old enemy. To the unbiased and non-teenage eye, Eclipse's many romantic interludes could seem slushy and repetitive, while the action sequences, though decent when they arrive, are a long time getting there. But British director David Slade (30 Days of Night) balances the blend of action and romance far better than the directors of the two previous movies. And although Eclipse remains primarily for dedicated Twilight fans (so-called "Twihards"), it's still easily accessible to series newcomers.


A depressed widower living in a quiet seaside town begins to have premonitions in connection to his dying father-in-law. He shares his experiences with a visiting horror novelist and the pair develop a close friendship, but competition arrives in the form of a famous author with a scandalous past. Supernatural drama, starring Ciaran Hinds, Iben Hjejle, Aidan Quinn and Eanna Hardwicke.

Cast & Crew

Bella Swan Kristen Stewart
Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson
Jacob Black Taylor Lautner
Victoria Bryce Dallas Howard
Charlie Swan Billy Burke
Jane Dakota Fanning
Alice Cullen Ashley Greene
Dr Carlisle Cullen Peter Facinelli
Rosalie Hale Nikki Reed
Jasper Hale Jackson Rathbone
Emmett Cullen Kellan Lutz
Esme Cullen Elizabeth Reaser
Alec Cameron Bright
Renee Sarah Clarke
Director David Slade
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Language: EnglishColourReleased on: 9 Jul 2010