The Bourne Identity

  • 12
  • Doug Liman (2002)
  • US / Cz Rep
  • 117 min
The Bourne Identity
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Film Review
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4 out of 5

A well-worn genre gets an exciting 21st-century makeover in this hip and energetic tale from former indie director Doug Liman. Based on the novel by Robert Ludlum, it stars Matt Damon as an amnesiac who's found floating half-dead in the Mediterranean with no means of identification, except for a device embedded in his hip containing a Swiss bank account number. Unaware that he's actually a top CIA assassin, he heads for Zurich to investigate, facing cops and government killers as his employers try to wipe out their now renegade operative. The film is fast-paced and slickly executed, with an edgy sophistication that must have influenced the reinvention of the Bond franchise with Casino Royale in 2006. Despite a routine plot, every scene feels fresh and believable, making intelligent use of a sharp, well-fleshed out script and strong performances. Damon takes to his smart action hero role with ease, and there's gutsy support from Franka Potente as his love interest.

Plot Summary

Spy action thriller based on the novel by Robert Ludlum, starring Matt Damon and Franka Potente. Jason Bourne is rescued from the Mediterranean with bullet wounds in his back and a grave case of amnesia. When he regains consciousness, he discovers that the only clue to his identity is a laser device under his skin, which reveals the name of a Zurich bank and the numbers of a Swiss bank account.

Cast and crew


Jason Bourne
Matt Damon
Marie Kreutz
Franka Potente
Ted Conklin
Chris Cooper
The Professor
Clive Owen
Ward Abbott
Brian Cox
Nykwana Wombosi
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Gabriel Mann
Julia Stiles
Tim Dutton


Doug Liman

Other Information

Theatrical distributor: 
Violence and swearing.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Released 6 Sep 2002
Certificate 12
Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd