Holiday in Handcuffs

  • Ron Underwood (2007)
  • US
  • 90 min
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2 out of 5

Jilted waitress Melissa Joan Hart resorts to extreme methods to impress her picky parents in this goofy seasonal romantic comedy. But from the moment she kidnaps customer Mario Lopez and demands he pose as the ideal son-in-law, you know how events will pan out. Consequently, the family Christmas that follows starts to feel like padding (and lamely scripted padding at that); a fact not helped by the scenario's implausibility. It's only when the clan's perfect fa├žade ultimately cracks that the film's content matches its irreverent comic intentions, bringing spirited laughs as everyone emotionally unravels. Creeping sentimentality and heavy-handed lessons ensure humour takes a backseat for the predictable finale - though at least Hart finally gets to relax after all her overzealous wackiness.

Plot Summary

Seasonal romantic comedy from the director of City Slickers, starring Melissa Joan Hart. Waitress Trudie Chandler is desperate to prove to her wealthy parents that she's making a success of her life. When she's dumped by her latest boyfriend on Christmas Eve, she kidnaps a customer at gunpoint and forces him to pose as the ideal son-in-law at a family gathering.

Cast and crew


Gertrude "Trudie" Chandler
Melissa Joan Hart
David Martin
Mario Lopez
Dad Chandler
Timothy Bottoms
Mom Chandler
Markie Post
June Lockhart
Jake Chandler
Kyle Howard
Gabrielle Miller
Layla Alizada


Ron Underwood

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