The Amazing Spider-Man

  • 12
  • Marc Webb (2012)
  • US
  • 130 min
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3 out of 5

Apart from Marvel's wish to mark (or capitalise on) the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man, there seems little point to this hasty movie re-spin, which boasts plenty of action, excitement and humour but lacks the refreshing charm of Sam Raimi's 2002 film. Home-grown talent Andrew Garfield delivers a moodier version of Peter Parker, but his incarnation also borders on the smug when he discovers superpowers bestowed on him by a genetically modified arachnid. The story covers familiar ground as our hero fails to prevent a family tragedy and becomes hellbent on cleaning up the streets in clingy spandex. Martin Sheen and Sally Field offer seasoned support as his uncle and aunt, while Emma Stone provides another steadying influence as girlfriend Gwen Stacy - who also happens to be the protégé of conflicted scientist (and part-time lizard) Dr Connors (a creepy Rhys Ifans) and daughter of the cop hot on Spidey's heels (the delightfully churlish Denis Leary). Newcomers may enjoy the novelty, but it's less involving for those who know where it's all headed, making this not so much amazing entertainment, but more of a passing amusement.

Plot Summary

Fantasy adventure starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Peter Parker's parents disappeared when he was young, and he has been raised by his uncle and aunt. But he is socially awkward and bullied at high school. When a bite from a genetically modified spider gives Peter extraordinary powers, he is not only able to assert himself at school, but also resolves to use them to fight evil.

Cast and crew


Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield
Gwen Stacy
Emma Stone
Dr Curt Connors / The Lizard
Rhys Ifans
George Stacy
Denis Leary
Uncle Ben
Martin Sheen
Aunt May
Sally Field
Flash Thompson
Chris Zylka
Richard Parker
Campbell Scott
Mary Parker
Embeth Davidtz
Irfan Khan
School librarian
Stan Lee
Jack's father
C Thomas Howell
Jake Ryan Keiffer
Man in the shadows
Michael Massee


Marc Webb

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Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 29 Jun 2012
Certificate 12
Sony DADC UK Limited