That Darn Cat!

  • U
  • Robert Stevenson (1965)
  • US
  • 111 min
That Darn Cat!
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2 out of 5

All the pieces slot together with ease in this lively, if overlong, Disney caper. Yet, while it makes efficient entertainment, the film is not as much fun as it should be, bearing in mind its exceptional cast. The cat steals the show by a whisker from nosey neighbours William Demarest and Elsa Lanchester, and Hayley Mills is perky enough as the cat's owner. But all roles are dull compared with those of Dean Jones as the FBI agent with a cat allergy and Roddy McDowall as a drip whose ducks are the frisky feline's favourite playmates.

Plot Summary

Disney comedy starring Hayley Mills and Dean Jones. A woman kidnapped by bank robbers manages to send out a message for help via a Siamese cat. However, the FBI discovers that retracing the animal's steps is more difficult than they imagined.

Cast and crew


Patti Randall
Hayley Mills
Zeke Kelso
Dean Jones
Gregory Benson
Roddy McDowall
Ingrid Randall
Dorothy Provine
Neville Brand
Mrs MacDougall
Elsa Lanchester
Mr MacDougall
William Demarest
Frank Gorshin
Supervisor Newton
Richard Eastham
Margaret Miller
Grayson Hall
Mr Hofstedder
Ed Wynn
Tom Lowell


Robert Stevenson

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Available on video and DVD
Certificate U

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