Thank You for Smoking

  • 15
  • Jason Reitman (2005)
  • US
  • 88 min
Thank You for Smoking
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4 out of 5

The feature debut of writer/director Jason Reitman (son of Ghost Busters' Ivan) is a satire on the big businesses of smoking and spin doctoring that gleefully blasts away at unscrupulous lobbyists, hand-wringing liberals and most points in between. Aaron Eckhart plays our antihero Nick Naylor, a frighteningly convincing spokesman for Big Tobacco, who dubs himself a Merchant of Death. He even has a little MoDs club, comprising himself and representatives of the alcohol trade (Maria Bello) and firearms industry (David Koechner). Their jobs are not to protect humanity, but to ensure humanity's right to screw itself up. A smooth-talking swipe at amoral profiteering and knee-jerk nannyism, this comedy hits most of its targets with such artful elegance that it almost diffuses the impact. But there is great pleasure to be taken in its daring wit, excellent performances (Cameron Bright deserves special mention as Naylor's son, who idolises and, perhaps more devastatingly, understands his father) and refusal to play the Hollywood game.

Plot Summary

Satire based on the novel by Christopher Buckley, starring Aaron Eckhart. Smooth-talking lobbyist Nick Naylor arouses both admiration and resentment for his tireless efforts in promoting the tobacco industry. But life starts to get complicated when an anti-smoking senator wants to put the skull and crossbones symbol on cigarette packets, and Nick gets involved with a pushy journalist who's writing a profile about him.

Cast and crew


Nick Naylor
Aaron Eckhart
Polly Bailey
Maria Bello
Joey Naylor
Cameron Bright
Adam Brody
Lorne Lutch
Sam Elliott
Heather Holloway
Katie Holmes
Bobby Jay Bliss
David Koechner
Jeff Megall
Rob Lowe
Senator Ortolan Finistirre
William H Macy
J K Simmons
The Captain
Robert Duvall
Jill Naylor
Kim Dickens


Jason Reitman

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Available on DVD
Released 16 Jun 2006
Certificate 15