The Specialist

  • 18
  • Luis Llosa (1994)
  • US
  • 105 min
The Specialist
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3 out of 5

James Woods seemingly has a knack for spotting mediocre movies with roles that give him the chance to shine when his co-stars are floundering. This is a case in point, as he strides off with Luis Llosa's bomb thriller without even getting his hair mussed. Sylvester Stallone stars as an explosives expert and former colleague of Woods, who is hired by the mysterious Sharon Stone to avenge the death of her parents. There is, of course, more to her motives than is at first apparent. The stars apart, it's the robust playing of the supporting cast (which includes Rod Steiger and Eric Roberts as Miami mobsters) that really makes this worth watching. John Barry's lush score adds to the mix, too.

Plot Summary

Thriller starring Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, James Woods and Rod Steiger. A woman enlists an explosives expert to help avenge the murder of her parents. But his past is catching up with him, and her allegiances are more complex than they seem.

Cast and crew


Ray Quick
Sylvester Stallone
May Munro
Sharon Stone
Ned Trent
James Woods
Joel Leon
Rod Steiger
Tomas Leon
Eric Roberts
Mario Ernesto Sanchez
Sergio Dore Jr
May's father
Chase Randolph
May's mother
Jeana Bell
Young May
Brittany Paige Bouck


Luis Llosa

Other Information

Edited for violence, swearing, a sex scene and nudity.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate 18