Bill Fishman (1988)

15 Certificate


Our Score
John Cusack and Tim Robbins are a comedy combo in this lightweight offering from director Bill Fishman. The two play ex-security guards trying to make it as music-video producers and setting their sights on becoming MTV's finest. Given that the film credits every bigwig in the music industry, one might expect more from this sub-Wayne's World series of skits with Cusack and Robbins going from disaster to success. It has a surprisingly dated feel to it and, given the calibre of the two leads, makes for very average viewing. Mike Myers would have made a far better meal of it.


A business-savvy slacker and his camera-obsessed friend form a video production company after being fired from their jobs. They find themselves forced to take on an array of eccentric clients before they hit the big time with soul band the Swanky Modes. Comedy, starring Tim Robbins, John Cusack, Connie Stevens, Doug McClure, Mary Crosby and Clu Gulager.

Cast & Crew

Ivan Alexeev John Cusack
Josh Tager Tim Robbins
Samantha Gregory Mary Crosby
Norman Mart Clu Gulager
Belinda Mart Katy Boyer
Kay Mart Jessica Walter
Billy Diamond Sam Moore
Lester Diamond Junior Walker
Sid Tager Doug McClure
June Tager Connie Stevens
Director Bill Fishman
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Swearing.Available on: video and DVD