The Wrong Arm of the Law

  • U
  • Cliff Owen (1962)
  • UK
  • 90 min
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4 out of 5

Peter Sellers was never funnier, and for those who think his small-time British comedies amused more than when he went big-time Hollywood this is a joy indeed. Sellers stars as Pearly Gates, a cockney criminal mastermind who uses a West End dress salon as a front for the illegal activities of his inept gang. He's up against Lionel Jeffries as Inspector "Nosey" Parker, whose bungling would give the future Inspector Clouseau a run for his money. Cliff Owen directs the marvellously inventive script with due care and attention as Scotland Yard and Sellers decide to co-operate to apprehend a Bill Kerr-led bunch of Australian crooks posing as policemen. There are a host of familiar faces in support, including Nanette Newman as Sellers's girl, plus a brief appearance by pre-fame Michael Caine.

Plot Summary

A criminal mastermind joins forces with Scotland Yard and the best of Britain's crime bosses to stop a gang of Australian crooks disguised as policemen from taking over the London underworld. Comedy, starring Peter Sellers, Lionel Jeffries, Nanette Newman, Bernard Cribbins, Dennis Price and John Le Mesurier.

Cast and crew


Pearly Gates
Peter Sellers
Inspector Parker
Lionel Jeffries
Nervous O'Toole
Bernard Cribbins
Trainer King
Davy Kaye
Nanette Newman
Jack Coombes
Bill Kerr
Bluey May
Ed Devereaux
Reg Denton
Reg Lye
Assistant Commissioner
John Le Mesurier
Sid Cooper
Graham Stark
Michael Caine


Cliff Owen

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Black and White
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U