The Biscuit Eater

The Biscuit Eater

Vincent McEveety (1972)

U Certificate


Our Score
Although this Disney remake of a minor 1940 hit is typically sugar-coated, watching a dog bounding through the undergrowth with a bird in its mouth is not likely to be everyone's idea of wholesome family entertainment. As the pals who overcome the racial prejudices of the adults around them to transform a wild hunting dog into a champion, Johnny Whitaker and George Spell avoid the winsome boyishness usually portrayed in Hollywood outdoor adventures. But director Vincent McEveety tub-thumps the liberal American values and allows sentiment to turn to mush.


A boy living in the Deep South is devoted to a badly behaved dog, which his father thinks is worthless and gives away. The youngster and his friend get the animal back and decide to train it, while a forthcoming bird-catching competition gives them the chance to prove their pet's worth. Disney drama, starring Johnny Whitaker and George Spell.

Cast & Crew

Harve McNeil Earl Holliman
Mr Ames Lew Ayres
Willie Dorsey Godfrey Cambridge
Mrs McNeil Pat Crowley
Charity Tomlin Beah Richards
Lonnie McNeil Johnny Whitaker
Text Tomlin George Spell
Mr Eben Clifton James
Director Vincent McEveety
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Paramount Film Service LtdAvailable on: video
Drama Children's