• Andrew Rossi (2011)
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As the collapse of the UK's News of the World in July 2011 proved, the early 21st century has been a time of change and challenge for the newspaper publishing industry. Beginning with the unravelling of the WikiLeaks scandal of 2010, this documentary deals first and foremost with the problems facing print media in the digital age, from the collapse of advertising revenue to the ready availability of news and other content on free rival websites. The access-all-areas title is something of a cheat, since the film mainly sticks with the paper's media desk and offers little insight into whether the NYT - or "the Gray Lady", as it is known - will survive. There are some interesting observations, however, most of them courtesy of journalist David Carr, whose gruff manner, astonishing personal story and commitment to his trade give this scattershot film a much-needed heart.

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Documentary about the newspaper institution, which was founded in 1851. Andrew Rossi's film focuses mainly on the journalists from the paper's media desk and examines how the internet is challenging print media's dominance and whether the two can co-exist.

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Andrew Rossi

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Swearing and sexual references.
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Released 23 Sep 2011
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