Mystery Woman

  • Walter Klenhard (2003)
  • US
Mystery Woman
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2 out of 5

Whodunnit enthusiast Kellie Martin turns amateur sleuth to investigate an apparent suicide in this flat and flimsy pilot for a ten-part series of TV movies. Having inherited her late uncle's bookshop specialising in mystery novels, she puts his stock and her own extensive knowledge to use trying to prove that her former professor and writing idol (Robert Wagner) was actually murdered. Unfortunately, watching her do very little but talk to herself and pore over books becomes increasingly tedious - especially when all tand based on events that we're predominantly told about, rather than shown. Ultimately, the plot's too basic and action-light for its running time, giving everything an underwhelming Nancy Drew vibe that leaves you wondering how any more Mystery Woman films got commissioned.

Plot Summary

Murder mystery, the pilot for the TV series, starring Kellie Martin and Robert Wagner. After Samantha Kinsey inherits a crime bookshop, she teams up with her district attorney friend to become an amateur detective - using the shop's contents to help solve mysteries.

Cast and crew


Samantha Kinsey
Kellie Martin
Jack Stenning
Robert Wagner
Constance Zimmer
Tracy Stenning
Amy Locane
Ian Philby
J E Freeman
Lt Robert Hawke
William R Moses
Steven Brand
Tom Stenning
Troy Bishop
Mary Stenning
Joan Severance
Paul Granger
Lincoln Lageson


Walter Klenhard

Other Information

Edited for violence.