The Black Rider

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  • Wolf Rilla (1954)
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  • 65 min
The Black Rider
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2 out of 5

This amiable low-budget crime caper takes the old idea of using spooks to cover a smuggling operation (first used in 1933's The Ghost Train) and adds a dash of Famous Five exuberance to create a formula familiar to fans of the cartoon series Scooby Doo. The plot zips along like one of the motorbikes owned by the club members who expose the villains with the help of a crusading journalist. Director Wolf Rilla was the author of a manual called A-Z of Making Movies, and this is very much film-making by the book, but it's a pleasing time-passer, nonetheless.

Plot Summary

Crime caper starring Jimmy Hanley. In the small coastal resort of Swanhaven, a villager believes he has sighted the ghost that is believed to haunt the local castle. But journalist Jerry Marsh suspects there is more to the story than meets the eye.

Cast and crew


Jerry Marsh
Jimmy Hanley
Rona Anderson
Leslie Dwyer
Mrs Marsh
Beatrice Varley
Lionel Jeffries
Valerie Hanson
Ted Lintott
Vincent Ball
Geoff Morgan
Edwin Richfield
George Amble
Kenneth Connor


Wolf Rilla

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Black and White
Available on DVD
Certificate U

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