Rag and Bone

  • 12
  • Robert Lieberman (1997)
  • US
  • 77 min
Rag and Bone
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2 out of 5

Written by seasoned TV producer James D Parriott from a story by Interview with the Vampire author Anne Rice, and with Superman Dean Cain headlining, this haunting pilot might have expected a series green light. Perhaps it was a mistake to consciously avoid those New Orleans clich├ęs. Maybe the blend of crime and horror didn't quite gel. But the prime reason this supernatural drama with a Randall and Hopkirk twist fails to work is the lack of rapport between Cain's Irish-Italian policeman - who just happens to be a former priest - and Robert Patrick as the ghostly cop who assists him in his cases.

Plot Summary

The life of a priest seconded to a New Orleans police department begins to fall apart when he is wrongly implicated in the shooting of a suspect. However, it comes to light that the precinct is haunted by the spirit of a deceased policeman, who helps the beleaguered cleric to solve the case and clear his name. Supernatural drama, with Dean Cain, Robert Patrick and Carroll Baker.

Cast and crew


Tony Moran
Dean Cain
Sister Marie
Carroll Baker
Sergeant Daniel Ryan
Robert Patrick
Karen Thomas
Kelly Rowan
Stan Shaw
Vince Moran
Jordan Williams


Robert Lieberman

Other Information

Edited for violence and a sex scene.
Available on video
Certificate 12