George Marshall (1954)

A Certificate


Our Score
This is good fun, especially for fans of baby-faced Audie Murphy and lovers of Universal westerns of the 1950s, until you realise that it's a remake of the superb James Stewart/Marlene Dietrich film Destry Rides Again, itself a reworking of an early Tom Mix classic. It isn't as good as those distinguished predecessors and shouldn't really be judged against them as it was made for a whole new generation of film-goers, despite being directed by the same man as the 1939 version, George Marshall. Murphy is actually ideal casting, although no Jimmy Stewart, but blonde sexpot Mari Blanchard just ain't Dietrich. Lyle Bettger makes a mean villain, though, and the highlight fight between the Blanchard and straight-laced Mary Wickes is just as raunchy as anything that came before. There's also a not-very-good 1950 version called Frenchie.


A ruthless mobster and his cronies take over a small frontier town. When the local sheriff dies in mysterious circumstances, he appoints a drunk to office to consolidate his power. However, the inebriated official calls for the son of famous lawman to be his deputy and the new inclusion shows a fierce determination to see justice reign. Western, starring Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard and Lyle Bettger.

Cast & Crew

Tom Destry Audie Murphy
Brandy Mari Blanchard
Decker Lyle Bettger
Martha Phillips Lori Nelson
Rags Barnaby Thomas Mitchell
Mayor Hirim Sellers Edgar Buchanan
Doc Curtis Wallace Ford
Bessie Mae Curtis Mary Wickes
Jack Larson Alan Hale Jr
Eli Skinner Lee Aaker
Director George Marshall
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist Ltd