Crazy for Christmas

  • Eleanor Lindo (2005)
  • US
  • 90 min
Crazy for Christmas
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2 out of 5

In this flimsy festive diversion, cash-strapped single mum Andrea Roth learns the value of forgiveness when she's hired to chauffeur an eccentric rich man (Howard Hesseman) around town on Christmas Eve. The syrupy seasonal sentiments come thick and fast, as the Santa-like millionaire literally spreads holiday cheer by giving away money to passers-by, while mysteriously trying to bond with his reluctant driver. But an underdeveloped narrative means this initially charming benevolence soon grows stale, leaving director Eleanor Lindo struggling to fill the remaining running time. Consequently, the film's later scenes feel contrived and simplistic, with neither its revelations nor its tugging of heartstrings having much emotional impact.

Plot Summary

Seasonal drama starring Howard Hesseman and Andrea Roth. A single mum reluctantly takes a job as chauffeur to a wealthy man who drives around town handing out money to pedestrians on Christmas Eve. On their tail is a journalist who's determined to uncover the secret behind this act of generosity.

Cast and crew


Shannon McManus-Johnson
Andrea Roth
Fred Nickells
Howard Hesseman
Trevor McManus-Johnson
Jason Spevack
Peter Archer
Yannick Bisson
Karen LeBlanc
Herb Jasper
Mark Wilson


Eleanor Lindo

Other Information

Edited for language.