Angel Flight Down

Angel Flight Down

Charles Wilkinson (1996)

PG Certificate
Sun 26 Nov 5:25am - 7am Sky Cinema Thriller
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Fri 1 Dec, 5:25am - 7:10am Sky Cinema Thriller


Our Score
This true-life TV movie strings out its predictable proceedings to an unnecessary 90 minutes and would have been better suited to a segment in a programme about amazing rescues than a full-length feature. There's real drama in the story of a gutsy medical team risking all to get a critically ill two-year-old girl to hospital after their plane crashes in a blizzard. But the actual participants of the real-life adventure will scarcely recognise themselves in the clichéd characterisations offered by Patricia Kalember as a saintly nurse, David Charvet as a gruff yet soft-centred paramedic and Garwin Sanford as the heroic pilot.


A mercy mission runs into difficulty when the plane commissioned to airlift a sick girl suffers engine trouble and crashes on the edge of a cliff. Drama, starring Patricia Kalember and David Charvet.

Cast & Crew

Actor Patricia Kalember
Actor David Charvet
Actor Christopher Atkins
Actor Garwin Sanford
Director Charles Wilkinson

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Language: EnglishColour