Cheyenne Autumn

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  • John Ford (1964)
  • US
  • 124 min
Cheyenne Autumn
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4 out of 5

The last western made by the great John Ford is effectively an apology for the many wrongs done by Hollywood to the American Indian. It maintains tremendous dignity in those sections actually dealing with the tragic resettlement of the Cheyenne by the US government, but it is undermined by a tasteless would-be comic central section set in Dodge City, irrelevantly featuring an ill-cast James Stewart as Wyatt Earp. Still, here's Ford's beloved Monument Valley and a distinguished cast headed by the ever underrated Richard Widmark in a story of genuine epic scale: make some tea in the middle.

Plot Summary

Epic John Ford western, starring Richard Widmark and Carroll Baker. The true story of a Cheyenne tribe which, being starved to extinction on a reservation, embarks on the long trek back to its old homelands. The move revives old hatreds and the threat of war.

Cast and crew


Captain Thomas Archer
Richard Widmark
Deborah Wright
Carroll Baker
Captain Oscar Wessels
Karl Malden
Wyatt Earp
James Stewart
Secretary of the Interior
Edward G Robinson
Red Shirt
Sal Mineo
Spanish Woman
Dolores Del Rio
Little Wolf
Ricardo Montalban
Dull Knife
Gilbert Roland
Doc Holliday
Arthur Kennedy
Second Lieutenant Scott
Patrick Wayne
Miss Guinevere Plantagenet
Elizabeth Allen
Major Jeff Blair
John Carradine
Tall Tree
Victor Jory
Senior First Sergeant
Mike Mazurki
Trooper Smith
Harry Carey Jr
Trooper Plumtree
Ben Johnson (1)
Senator Henry
Denver Pyle


John Ford

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Warner Pathe Ltd
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