Roswell: the Aliens Attack

Roswell: the Aliens Attack

Brad Turner (1999)

PG Certificate


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A far-fetched tale reporting the "truth" about what really happened at Roswell in 1947: supposedly the crashed vehicle was carrying alien agents intent on detonating a nuclear device at the local military base. This made-for-TV effort does have acceptable production values and a capable cast, but the invasion process itself has never been so unexciting. Barely related to the historical evidence, the main reason for the Roswell setting seems to have been so that 1940s naivety can excuse the questionable plot turns. No such luck.


Two aliens survive the 1947 incident in which a UFO allegedly crash-landed in New Mexico. They escape from their downed spacecraft and go on the rampage, spreading terror among the populace as they evade government pursuers and attempt to find a way home. Sci-fi thriller, starring Steven Flynn, Heather Hanson, Kate Greenhouse and Brent Stait.

Cast & Crew

Actor Steven Flynn
Actor Heather Hanson
Actor Kate Greenhouse
Actor Brent Stait
Director Brad Turner

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