Morning Departure

Morning Departure

Roy Ward Baker (1950)

A Certificate


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An atmospheric "confined space" drama, with John Mills in one of his best roles as the commander of a submarine that's holed by a mine and plunges to the sea bed. Twelve crew members survive the initial impact but - and here's the hook - only eight will be able to use the escape equipment. Everyone is admirably stoic, apart from Richard Attenborough, playing a weak-willed stoker with his trademark intensity. The passage of time has made some of the crew resemble caricatures, yet it's still engrossing stuff.


A submarine on a routine exercise strikes a mine and sinks to the sea bed, leaving the crew trapped and rapidly running out of air. A rescue operation is soon underway, but the commander faces a terrible choice when he discovers it will only be possible to save eight of the 12 crew members. Drama, starring John Mills and Richard Attenborough.

Cast & Crew

Lieutenant Commander Armstrong John Mills
Helen Helen Cherry
Stoker Snipe Richard Attenborough
Rose Snipe Lana Morris
Lieutenant Harry Manson Nigel Patrick
Warrant Officer McFee Andrew Crawford
Chief Petty Officer Barlow Michael Brennan
Able-bodied Seaman Higgins James Hayter
Able-bodied Seaman Nobby Clark Wylie Watson
Leading Seaman Kelly Jack Stuart
Leading Seaman Andrews Roddy McMillan
Director Roy Ward Baker
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: General Film Dist Ltd