Treacle Jr

  • 15
  • Jamie Thraves (2010)
  • UK
  • 80 min
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3 out of 5

British film doesn't come any more basic than this ultra-low-budget, self-financed drama shot on the streets of south London. It begins with a mystery: Midlander Tom (Tom Fisher) walks out on his wife and child and boards a train to London, where, with no money and no place to stay, he sleeps rough for the night. Following an incident with a gang of hoodies, Tom finds himself in casualty, where he meets over-friendly Irishman Aidan (Aidan Gillan). To all appearances, Aidan is a stuttering, parrot-voiced loser, whose idiocy allows him to see the best in everyone, including his abusive girlfriend Linda (Riann Steele). But, over time, Aidan's humanity and generosity shines through. This is a nicely ragged and offbeat mismatched-buddy movie that, though it becomes a little predictable by the end, makes an unexpected hero of a profoundly irritating character.

Plot Summary

Drama starring Aidan Gillen and Tom Fisher. Married man Tom abruptly leaves his family in the Midlands and travels to London, where he ends up sleeping rough on the streets. It's not long before misfortune lands him in A&E, which brings Tom into contact with the happy-go-lucky Aidan. Tom's life will never be the same again.

Cast and crew


Aidan Gillen
Tom Fisher
Riann Steele


Jamie Thraves

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Theatrical distributor: 
Soda Pictures
Swearing and sex scenes.
Available on DVD
Released 15 Jul 2011