Mera Saaya

Mera Saaya

Raj Khosla (1966)

U Certificate


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Owing debts to both Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo and the Dirk Bogarde vehicle Libel, this is the central segment of a mid-1960s suspense trilogy from director Raj Khosla. As in Woh Kuan Thi and Anita, Sadhana takes on a dual role, first as the dying spouse of wealthy lawyer Sunil Dutt and then as the opportunist with gangland connections who seeks to persuade a court that she is Dutt's real wife. Lacing the trial action with domestic flashbacks and dream dance sequences, Khosla settles for a disappointingly sensationalist resolution. However, he skilfully manipulates expectations and draws a suitably skittish performance from Sadhana.


A woman and her husband become separated by chance - and when her twin sister is killed, he believes his wife has perished. Will the pair be reunited? Musical thriller, starring Sadhana and Sunil Dutt. Part of the Indian Summer season.

Cast & Crew

Thakur Rakesh Singh Sunil Dutt
Geeta / Raina Sadhana
Surya daku Prem Chopra
Director Raj Khosla

Other Information

Language: Hindi +subtitlesColourAvailable on: video and DVD