Next to No Time

Next to No Time

Henry Cornelius (1958)

U Certificate


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Based on the Paul Gallico short story The Enchanted Hour, this whimsical comedy was something of a disappointment considering it marked the reunion of director Henry Cornelius with his Genevieve star Kenneth More. Sadly, it proved to be Cornelius's last picture before his tragically early death the same year during the production of Law and Disorder. More is curiously out of sorts as an engineer who uses a voyage on the Queen Elizabeth to persuade wealthy Roland Culver to back his latest project. His romantic interest is provided by Betsy Drake, who was then married to Cary Grant.


A shy, mild-mannered engineer shakes off his inhibitions with the help of fellow passengers during an ocean voyage, all the while trying to clinch an important business deal. Comedy, starring Kenneth More, Betsy Drake, John Laurie and Irene Handl.

Cast & Crew

David Webb Kenneth More
Georgie Brant Betsy Drake
Saul Harry Green
Jerry Patrick Barr
Mary Maureen Connell
Becky Bessie Love
Warren Reginald Beckwith
Abercrombie John Laurie
Albert, cabin steward Sidney James
Sir Godfrey Cowan Roland Culver
Director Henry Cornelius
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Technicolor LtdAvailable on: DVD