A Place of One's Own

A Place of One's Own

Bernard Knowles (1944)

U Certificate


Our Score
This is a genuinely eerie adaptation of Osbert Sitwell's novel about strange happenings in an English country house. Former cameraman-turned-director Bernard Knowles knows just how to achieve the right spine-chilling touch, cleverly keeping the supernatural themes light in tone. The cast is delightful, with James Mason and Barbara Mullen as the retired homeowners, and lovely Margaret Lockwood as their companion who is the catalyst for the ghostly goings-on. Bride of Frankenstein veteran Ernest Thesiger steals the show as old Dr Marsham, who isn't exactly what he appears, and there's nice support from Dennis Price and Dulcie Gray, too. Time has lent this Gainsborough picture a veneer of charm and it's well worth watching.


An ageing couple move into a haunted house, where their companion becomes possessed by the spirit of a murdered girl. Ghost story, starring James Mason, Barbara Mullen, Margaret Lockwood, Dennis Price, Dulcie Gray and Michael Shepley.

Cast & Crew

Annette Margaret Lockwood
Mr Smedhurst James Mason
Mrs Smedhurst Barbara Mullen
Dr Selbie Dennis Price
Mrs Manning-Tuthorn Helen Haye
Major Manning-Tuthorn Michael Shepley
Sarah Dulcie Gray
Director Bernard Knowles
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video