Air Force

  • PG
  • Howard Hawks (1943)
  • US
  • 119 min
Air Force
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4 out of 5

A marvellous Second World War drama from one of Hollywood's greatest directors, Howard Hawks. While not as famous as his Scarface, Only Angels Have Wings, The Big Sleep and Rio Bravo, this is still a major achievement. It tells the story of the Mary Ann, a Flying Fortress, and the men who operated her in the war against the Japanese. The action sequences are excitingly filmed, though it is the quieter moments, when the members of the crew express their excitement and their fears, that give the film its strength as a study of comradeship in adversity. The cast includes John Garfield, Harry Carey and Arthur Kennedy, all fine actors but not glamorous movie stars, which gives the film a rare authenticity.

Plot Summary

Second World War drama starring John Ridgely and Gig Young. The crew of a Flying Fortress bomber witness the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor as they are about to land in Hawaii. They divert to a nearby island, but soon come under attack themselves.

Cast and crew


Captain Mike Quincannon
John Ridgely
Lt Bill Williams
Gig Young
Lt Tommy McMartin
Arthur Kennedy
Lt Munchauser
Charles Drake
Sgt Robby White
Harry Carey
Cpl Weinberg
George Tobias
Cpl Peterson
Ward Wood
Pte Chester
Ray Montgomery
Sgt Joe Winocki
John Garfield
Lt Tex Rader
James Brown (1)
Major Mallory
Stanley Ridges


Howard Hawks

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Black and White
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Warner Bros Pictures Ltd
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Certificate PG