The Moon Is Blue

  • PG
  • Otto Preminger (1953)
  • US
  • 95 min
The Moon Is Blue
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3 out of 5

William Holden meets actress Maggie McNamara on top of the Empire State Building, only for McNamara to be pursued by older man David Niven. This mildly amusing comedy of romantic errors was a huge box-office success when director Otto Preminger defied the censor and released the film with dialogue that was considered extreme for its day. This adaptation of F Hugh Herbert's Broadway play was a two-pronged act of defiance by the tyrannically single-minded Preminger; he also gave an enormously appreciated boost to Niven's career simply by casting him. Niven had broken with a vindictive Sam Goldwyn and was described by this film's production company, United Artists, as "all washed up". Given the chance to prove himself once again, Niven rose to the challenge brilliantly.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring William Holden, David Niven and Maggie McNamara. Patty O'Neill is pursued by the womanising Donald Gresham all the way to the top of the Empire State Building. But complications ensue when Gresham's neighbour, David Slater, also tries to seduce her.

Cast and crew


Donald Gresham
William Holden (2)
David Slater
David Niven
Patty O'Neill
Maggie McNamara
Michael O'Neill
Tom Tully
Cynthia Slater
Dawn Addams
Taxi driver
Gregory Ratoff


Otto Preminger

Other Information

Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
United Artists Corp. Ltd
Available on video
Certificate PG