Vito Rocco (2008)

12A Certificate


Our Score
The result of a unique experiment, Faintheart was developed on the MySpace social networking website, with users chipping in ideas and jokes. It's therefore a little surprising that so many contributors could come up with so few laughs. The end result is a comedy about a loser called Richard (Eddie Marsan) who spends too much time dressing up as a Viking and re-enacting battles, and not enough time on his personal relationships. He may be dull, but Richard's still more of an attractive proposition than the flashy PE teacher (Paul Nicholls) who takes up with his wife (Jessica Hynes). The film plods along inoffensively and predictably, without inspiration or flair. Ewen Bremner does deliver a characteristically fine performance as Richard's Trekkie mate, but Anne Reid is wasted as his mother-in-law. Basically, the central premise - that nerds can be decent human beings - has been explored to better effect in countless more traditionally produced comedies.


Family man Richard finds solace from his humdrum life in the world of historical battle re-enactments. However, when his hobby sees him spend more time on the battlefield than at home, his wife leaves him for a gym instructor, forcing Richard to reassess his priorities. Romantic comedy, starring Eddie Marsan, Ewen Bremner, Jessica Hynes, Bronagh Gallagher, Tim Healy and Paul Nicholls.

Cast & Crew

Richard Eddie Marsan
Cath Jessica Stevenson
Julian Ewen Bremner
Barbara Anne Reid
Geoff Tim Healy
Gary Paul Nicholls
Martin Joseph Hamilton
Maggie Bronagh Gallagher
Alan Kevin Eldon
Director Vito Rocco
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Vertigo FilmsGuidance: Sexual references, edited for language.Available on: DVDReleased on: 23 Jan 2009