Ride Lonesome

Ride Lonesome

Budd Boetticher (1959)

U Certificate


Our Score
Director Budd Boetticher and executive producer and star Randolph Scott made a short cycle of fine westerns, unequalled in their classic simplicity and underappreciated on their first release. This is one of the best, with a finely tuned Burt Kennedy screenplay that doesn't waste a moment as craggy-featured bounty hunter Scott goes after a young killer (the giggling James Best), ostensibly for the cash reward but really to flush out his brother, the snarling Lee Van Cleef. This is fine western material, with chases upon chases and brilliantly taut, terse dialogue. The use of CinemaScope is exemplary, and watch out for James Coburn's movie debut as a feckless outlaw.


A bounty hunter captures young killer Billy John, but his real motive is not the cash reward - he has an old score to settle with his prisoner's brother Frank. As the journey to bring the murderer to justice gets under way, he is counting on a showdown with Frank and accepts the help of two outlaw gunmen for added protection, aware they will try to turn Billy John in themselves for the reward and a pardon. Western, with Randolph Scott, Lee Van Cleef, James Best, James Coburn and Pernell Roberts.

Cast & Crew

Ben Brigade Randolph Scott
Carrie Lane Karen Steele
Sam Boone Pernell Roberts
Billy John James Best
Frank Lee Van Cleef
Wid James Coburn
Charlie Dyke Johnson
Indian chief Boyd Stockman
Director Budd Boetticher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: DVD