White Comanche

White Comanche

Jose Briz Mendez (1968)

12 Certificate


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Unless the prospect of seeing William Shatner in dual roles has you running for the hills, this much-maligned Euro-western doesn't really deserve its rubbished reputation. The actor took time out between shooting series of Star Trek to play Notah and Johnny Moon, twin brothers born on a reservation to a white father and Comanche mother, who have each followed different paths in life. But Johnny's attempts to stay out of trouble in the white-man's world are thwarted due to his likeness to his crazed, peyote-munching renegade sibling, setting the two on a collision course. Joseph Cotten adds a touch of class as the lawman whose town plays host to the showdown - his stoic restraint standing in contrast to his co-star's more histrionic style. That said, Shatner does try to imbue Johnny Moon with some psychological depth (the scene in which he shoots his own reflection cannily pre-figuring Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid), though his introspective soul-searching act gets a bit tiresome after a while, making you wish for more of his mad, bad brother's carefree cruelty.


A peyote-crazed half-Comanche believes he is destined to lead his people to war against encroaching settlers. But his brother steps up to the challenge of preventing a massacre. Western, starring William Shatner in a dual role alongside Joseph Cotten and Rosanna Yani.

Cast & Crew

Actor William Shatner
Actor Joseph Cotten
Actor Rossana Yani
Actor Perla Cristal
Actor Vidal Molina
Director Jose Briz Mendez
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Some violence