Heart of a Stranger

  • Dick Lowry (2002)
  • US
  • 95 min
Heart of a Stranger
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2 out of 5

In this undemanding and gently sentimental drama, Jane Seymour plays a prim divorcee who undergoes a striking personality change after receiving a heart transplant from a young, wild-living male donor. Yet while the accompanying nightmares convince her it's the dead man trying to make contact, her violinist offspring (Maggie Lawson) can't cope with having an independent, revamped mum. Despite the far-fetched premise, this true-story tale is actually rather ordinary, merely using the supernatural hints as a springboard to explore the complexities of mother/daughter relationships. Seymour is likeably zesty as the mini-skirted new woman with a love of rap music, but it's hard to empathise with Lawson's selfish petulance.

Plot Summary

Emotional drama based on a true story, starring Jane Seymour. Jill Maddox experiences a complete personality overhaul after a heart-transplant operation - and takes on the behavioural traits of her younger, party-obsessed donor.

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Jill Maddox
Jane Seymour (2)
Amanda Maddox
Maggie Lawson
Vincent Corazza


Dick Lowry

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