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  • Xavier Dolan (2010)
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3 out of 5

The agony and ecstasy of unrequited love are captured in this ultracool yet superficial ménage à trois tale from 22-year-old Canadian actor/film-maker Xavier Dolan. Mixing French New Wave aesthetics with youthful pretensions and genuine technical flair, his witty drama evokes François Truffaut's Jules et Jim, as a pair of inseparable Montreal hipsters (Dolan himself and the Anna Karina-like Monia Chokri) tear apart their friendship after becoming infatuated with Niels Schneider's inscrutable Adonis. Chic, slo-mo heavy visuals à la Wong Kar-Wai and an atmospheric, retro soundtrack fetishise the small details of the pair's deliciously narcissistic journey, taking sensual, though clichéd, pleasure in everything from cigarette smoke to the sway of Chokri's vintage-clad hips. Along the way, intercut talking heads share their own, amusing remembrances of obsessive romance, while providing a documentary-type contrast to the highly stylised main narrative. Ultimately, Dolan's image-led central characters and their shallow, bitchy concerns won't appeal to everyone, but those who've experienced l'amour fou themselves will find plenty to enjoy.

Plot Summary

Romantic comedy drama starring Monia Chokri, Niels Schneider and Xavier Dolan. At a trendy dinner party in Montreal, gay Francis and his straight best friend Marie meet handsome Nicolas and both fall for his charms. As the three spend time together, Francis and Marie try to hide their feelings from each other - but who is Nicolas interested in?

Cast and crew


Marie Camille
Monia Chokri
Niels Schneider
Xavier Dolan
Anne Dorval
Anthony Huneault
Jody Hargreaves


Xavier Dolan

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French +subtitles
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Network Releasing
Released 27 May 2011