David Copperfield

David Copperfield

George Cukor (1935)

U Certificate


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This immaculately cast and designed David O Selznick production for MGM remains the definitive version of Charles Dickens's vaguely autobiographical classic novel. While Basil Rathbone is Mr Murdstone to a T, and there couldn't possibly be any other Aunt Betsey Trotwood than Edna May Oliver, the real casting coups are Lennox Pawle's perfect Mr Dick (avoiding any sentimentality) and Roland Young's ubiquitous Uriah Heep. If the great WC Fields makes Micawber a star turn, it's no bad thing, and both Freddie Bartholomew and Frank Lawton as the young and the grown-up David, respectively, could not be bettered. This film is a richly entertaining reminder of what Hollywood, and especially MGM, did best. But then, its source was pretty good, too.


An orphan leaves his cruel stepfather and sets off to seek his fortune, having a series of adventures and meeting a variety of colourful characters as he grows to adulthood. With the aid of his weak-willed mentor, he helps save a family business from the machinations of a treacherous clerk. Period drama based on Charles Dickens' novel, starring Freddie Bartholomew and Frank Lawton.

Cast & Crew

Mr Micawber W C Fields
Dan Peggotty Lionel Barrymore
David as a child Freddie Bartholomew
Dora Maureen O'Sullivan
Agnes Madge Evans
Aunt Betsey Edna May Oliver
Mr Wickfield Lewis Stone
David as a man Frank Lawton
Mrs Copperfield Elizabeth Allan
Uriah Heep Roland Young
Mr Murdstone Basil Rathbone
Clickett Elsa Lanchester
Mrs Micawber Jean Cadell
Nurse Peggotty Jessie Ralph
Mr Dick Lennox Pawle
Jane Murdstone Violet Kemble-Cooper
Mrs Gummidge Una O'Connor
Ham John Buckler
Steerforth Hugh Williams
Limmiter Ivan Simpson
Director George Cukor
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteAvailable on: video