Night Passage

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  • James Neilson (1957)
  • US
  • 86 min
Night Passage
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2 out of 5

James Stewart, director Anthony Mann and writer Borden Chase already had a whole string of hit westerns under their belt when they started work on this below-par effort. Mann quit after a few days, sensing that the script wasn't quite ready, and made way for TV director James Neilson. "James Stewart wanted him, but he wasn't strong enough," said Chase. "It was very difficult." Stewart plays a former railroad man who is pitted against his own brother, a train robber played by Audie Murphy, when he's hired to deliver a payroll. Though beautifully shot, it rather dawdles along, indulging Stewart's singing and accordion-playing skills before climaxing with a decently staged shoot-out.

Plot Summary

Western starring James Stewart and Audie Murphy. Two brothers who live their lives on opposite sides of the law clash when one robs a train that the other is guarding.

Cast and crew


Grant McLaine
James Stewart
Utica Kid
Audie Murphy
Whitey Harbin
Dan Duryea
Charlotte Drew
Dianne Foster
Verna Kimball
Elaine Stewart
Joey Adams
Brandon de Wilde
Ben Kimball
Jay C Flippen
Will Renner
Herbert Anderson
Robert J Wilke
Jack Elam
Mr Feeney
Paul Fix
Mrs Feeney
Ellen Corby


James Neilson

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J.A.R.F.D. Ltd
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Certificate U
Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd