The Blockhouse

The Blockhouse

Clive Rees (1973)

X Certificate


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This almost unseen Peter Sellers movie features the star in a rare straight role. In wartime Germany, slave workers from all over Europe are used to build German coastal fortifications while the Allies bombard the sites. Several workers take refuge in a network of underground tunnels and are subsequently sealed in. Although the bunkers contain ample supplies, the workers undergo a tortuous time in their subterranean prison. This is a grim, gritty movie based on real-life events (two men were discovered in 1951, having been trapped for six years in a similar situation). Despite its well-known cast, this difficult film sat on the shelf for several years after its completion, only surfacing briefly in 1978.


A disparate group of prisoners of war take refuge in a network of underground tunnels while working in occupied France during the Second World War - but the Allied bombing campaign leaves them trapped for six years. Fact-based drama, starring Peter Sellers, Charles Aznavour, Per Oscarsson and Peter Vaughan.

Cast & Crew

Rouquet Peter Sellers
Visconti Charles Aznavour
Lund Per Oscarsson
Aufret Peter Vaughan
Grabinski Jeremy Kemp
Kozhek Leon Lissek
Kramer Nicholas Jones
Larshen Alfred Lynch
Director Clive Rees
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing.Available on: DVD